January 6, 2013

Welcome to GoingEuro.com! Travel information on destinations within Europe.Where you will find helpful travel tips along with a list of travel guides, books and other products that I have used and liked or that I have run across and thought worth mentioning.

I do a fair amount of research on the Internet before going on vacation including restaurants, checking out hotels and searching for apartments. I also check to see what museums and other attractions are closed due to renovation work. However, I still use guidebooks to read up on what there is to see and do and carry one or two while on vacation. I look for guides written by people who live in the city or country, for example Cristian Bonetto’s Rome Encounter. Or are written by someone who at least spends part of the part of the world they are writing about, for example The Rough Guide to Languedoc & Roussillon by Brian Catlos. These folks have an insiders view of the place or area. I also use apps for my iPod Touch such as London Museums and London Bus. Digital format has certain advantages, for example it's easy to update information. Of course, the trade off is with technology it can always break. A book on the other hand doesn’t break. I like to utilize technology, yet not let it take over everything. Plus accessing the Internet via an iPhone or a Smartphone can be expensive while vacationing in Europe and roaming charges can add up very quickly. So my point is take advantage of all the resources out there. And keep in mind everything is going to have pros and cons. These days the traveler is no longer tied just to guidebooks and travel agents, but at the same time guidebooks are still quite relevant.

Bon Voyage! Have a safe and enjoyable trip.......Terrence D. Zarnick, Publisher.